Kari J Young

Video Interview Disaster! Ugh!

Kari J Young
Video Interview Disaster!  Ugh!

Oh my Gosh!!! So I’ve been going on interviews with different airlines and actually, I’ve also been going on regular interviews too because I will need extra money saved to be able to be away for training and to help me through my first 6 months or so of actual work. Flight Attendants don’t make a lot of money at first and sometimes training is not paid for or barely paid for. So my last interview I had was an invitation from a major airline to advance to the next level and have a video interview… NOTHING can prepare you for this interview. I have been going on interviews very consistently and felt pretty comfortable answering most of the personality questions they ask and situational questions too.

Getting the email to advance to the next level with a major airline was exciting at first! I was to click on the link in the email, follow the instructions and then begin a video interview with them. I found that I started putting off the interview with only a day to spare because I was getting more and more nervous. Finally, I was ready! I pumped myself up, got ready with full interview suit, make up, hair pulled back and the iconic, traditional red lipstick! I clicked on the link, made sure my lighting was good, I had a blank wall behind me, I was framed perfectly and practiced smiling… but not too much… not creepy smiling, like nobody’s home smiling… just enough.

I did the practice 10 second video to say my name and say hello to the airline and realized just how long 10 seconds can be. I redid it a couple of times until I was happy with it and kind of assumed that, that was how the rest of the interview would be conducted… do overs until you were happy with your answer. WRONG!!!!!! After the practice question we moved on to the main part of the interview. They would ask the question once and then repeat the question again. You then had about a minute or two to think about your answer and then the recording would start. The first question came. The robotic man asked the question once and then repeated it again. The clock started ticking in front of me. I waited and waited and waited for it to count down and start recording… I smiled and looked into the camera only… not myself, not myself, not myself… There was no one to see or to feed off of. Just me and a robot asking me questions and now painfully silent while I tried to keep smiling and cover all of the points I needed to cover. My name, a friendly greeting to the airline and why I wanted to become a flight attendant. I had a small cheat sheet taped just under the camera and I began my answer. I started out well but then kind of panicked because I stumbled a little… I sighed and then closed the window. CRAP!!! Well that wasn’t as smooth as I wanted it to go! I think I’ll go back to the email, click on the link again and start over… WRONG!!!!

I linked back in, took a deep breath and it brought me back to the next question!! NO DO OVERS!!! Noooooo! I sucked it up and answered the rest of the questions without the count down. I did way better when I just clicked on the green GO button than to wait for the terrible 2 minute countdown!

Overall I don’t think I achieved the perfect video interview but it was good practice and if I have to do a video interview again I will be more prepared. I felt embarrassed that it caught me off guard BUT! I will do better next time! :)