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Underwater Sea Jelly Goddess (30" x 22" unframed/unmatted)

Underwater Sea Jelly Goddess (30" x 22" unframed/unmatted)


I just finished this mixed media, mostly acrylic painting on handmade watercolor paper from india.

She’s beautiful and another goddess from my 2018 series I started about a month ago (july 2018).

If she speaks to you and you would like to purchase her please let me know. I will be shipping her unmatted/framed just the raw finished painting. She has a UV coating to help seal the painting and protect her from sunlight. I would suggest you not, like most nice artwork, hang her where the sun can get to her directly.

Also, if you do decide to purchase her it would be great, when you receive her and get her on the wall of your choosing, if you wouldn’t mind taking a photo of yourself with the painting and sending some images my way. It would be great to see her in her new home.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me on my contact page of my website. — thank you! <3


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